If you’re planning on getting married, then congratulations. The next job is to figure out how you’re going to create the perfect memories of your big day. Sure, you may have a photographer in mind already, but the whole point of hiring a professional to take photos is so that you can enjoy quality prints at a later date.

Most wedding photographers will take a set of photos and then give you a USB stick to do with what you will. You might consider printing photos yourself, but as you’ll read below, there are a host of advantages of getting them printed by a pro.


Get Bigger Prints

Most home printers can print images up to size A4. But a professional printer can create much larger prints, sometimes as large as a wall. With the ability to print larger photos, you can create much more impressive memories of your big day and have vastly more options.

How large can you go? Currently, some professional print outfits offer prints up to eight feet wide, provided they have the right equipment. With a photograph like that, you could create a stunning panorama of your wedding, frame it, and put it up on your living room wall.


Get Something Physical And Special

The vast majority of today’s media is in the digital world. Its essence is fleeting, disappearing with the click of the mouse. For many people, this is a disappointment – they don’t want their cherished memories to exist in an ethereal universe alongside all of the other thousands of images on their Facebook page: they want their wedding day to be more “real.”

A physical print helps to achieve this, evoking emotions in the viewer that can’t be replicated by pixels on a screen. A professional print helps you to feel closer to the event itself, making it more visceral.


Add Artistic Effects

Not only is the quality of a professional print far higher than anything you can achieve at home, but print shops are also often able to add artistic flourishes. For those getting married, this is an appealing prospect. Printers can add digital effects, ask you whether you like them, and then make them a reality seconds later by printing them out.

You might want to add an effect so that the photos fit in with the theme of your wedding or you may want to enhance the colours or adjust the contrast. Professional print shops offer a host of post-processing options.


Do Your Big Day Justice

Professional print shops offer a far higher print quality than your standard home inkjet; that you already know. But it’s not just the quality of the print that matters, but doing your big day justice. If you spend lots of cash on a stunning venue, beautiful flowers and decorations, then you want that investment to show up in the memories you create. Professional prints capture all of the detail, the colours and the lighting and faithfully represent how your wedding actually looked and felt.