Our very good friend Gareth “Gaffer” Goodlad had entered the Ultra Darts Barnsley competition, which was a charity event in the fight against Cancer. The event was held at the Barnsley Metrodome. There were 19 competitors, of which 4 were female.

We at Alejandre Maggio Photography have been touched by the dreaded illness over the years, and so I decided to sponsor Gareth on this venture and help him to raise the funds. With our help Gareth was able to raise a substantial amount of money for Cancer research..



The atmosphere was beautiful, with the spectators getting excited and involved. They were clapping and singing along to the players walk on songs, as well as shouting 180 whenever that score was thrown. Just generally enjoying themselves and the darts. The competition amongst the darts players was fierce and very amicable, with players interacting with the public, which at times was very vocal.

The shooting of the photos was very demanding as the light was causing a bit of a problem. Also I was asked to shoot without a flash— mainly when the darts players were  throwing their darts. But I used the flash sometimes, when shooting the walk on or taking some pictures of the spectators. Loved the evening and the chance to do a shoot, thus gaining more experience and something else to add to my portfolio.

The evening was a brilliant night out for lots of people, all darts fans!!! Gareth didn’t win but had a fantastic evening, as he loves playing darts. Ben Oldroyd  won the competition and he was over the moon with his win.