What should I ask the photographer?

Securing the perfect wedding photographer is one of the most important jobs in the build-up to any big day, as many brides and grooms aim to commemorate their marriage in as beautiful a way as possible. It is therefore vitally important that you find both a talented wedding photographer, as well as one who fits your style and calendar perfectly. So, what should you be asking your photographer before signing them up for the big day?

Are you available?

The most important initial detail to get agreed with your photographer is the date of the event itself. Obviously, if they are not available on your wedding day, you’re only wasting your time and theirs. Make sure your date is free and then fixed into their diary as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If possible, find out who exactly will be taking the photos, and see if you can set up a face-to-face meeting with them to go over further details. Make sure to clarify whether they will have any assistants with them on the day, and whether there are hidden costs involved with these too.

What is your experience?

After ensuring that they are free on your wedding day, you next want to clarify what experience they have. Ideally, you would like a photographer who is tried and tested in the field, rather than someone who has mysteriously never worked a wedding before. Ask them how many weddings they have worked at, and whether you can see photo galleries for a couple of them. You can also ask them whether they have ever worked at your particular venue, and if they have not, ask whether they will be visiting beforehand in order to plan the logistics of their photography.

What is your style?

This fits into the request to view their previous galleries too, but as with many art forms, each photographer will have their own style of shot. Some will like posed shots, while others enjoy candid photos. Some will heavily edit each picture, while others prefer natural beauty. Some shoot digitally, and others with film. Nothing is wrong and nothing is right, but there will be certain styles and traits that you prefer over others. Having a conversation beforehand is the easiest way to ensure you get the exact kinds of photos you dreamt of.

What is your price?

One of the most important questions. If you can’t afford them, your plans won’t make it off the drawing board. Many companies or photographers will have different wedding packages and extras for you to choose from. Make sure you clearly agree on what they will be offering. Sometimes, extras such as photo booths, pre-wedding event shoots, added hours, and editing will cost a little more.

How is the order fulfilled?

Our final question covers the final phase of your dealing with the photographer. Once all the pictures are taken, and the wedding is over, what happens then? It is always a good idea to clarify exactly when you should expect to receive the photos and in what format. Will it be a digital file? Will you get a physical album? Will they be ready within a week? A month? Be sure you know exactly what is to be expected and when it is arriving.