Our grand daughter Serina will be having her second birthday shortly.

I decided to show a series of photos for each new month and then compile a file, putting all of the photos together. She must be one grand daughter who’s most photos have been taken.

All photos were taken at the spur of moment, as she does not do “posing” for long periods of time. Therefore, the camera settings have to be checked frequently or the shot is completely lost.


She does know that when the flash or the shutter goes off, that a picture has been taken. Lately, she was shown how to use the touch screen situated at the back of the Canon 70D, and she will go through the shots taken that day by swiping the screen.

Some of the shots were taken by Lenita, who uses a Canon 700D most of the time. Serina behaves just the same for Lenita as she does for me, meaning nothing changes, except that of course in each photo she is a month older and more beautiful. Then again, we can say that as she is our grand daughter.