Babies & Toddlers

We specialize in baby photography shoots throughout the Barnsley region at a Location to suit you. I could shoot babies photos all day as they always attract and put smiles on everyone faces.

We at Alejandre Maggio Photography have a special relationship with babies and toddlers.

We have a beautiful and gorgeous granddaughter and I am never tired of photographing her. We all know that these photos will be remember and cherished for ever.

As you will notice from the photo gallery below there is no posing and no fancy photos as I believe that the best ones are taken as photo journalism ” Al Natural”. A baby or toddler will always look beautiful in the eyes of the mom and dad, Nana or Grandpa and as time goes by they will love the photo even more.

I will shoot the photographs with little or no flash, and do them with natural light as much as possible so not to frighten the baby, although our Serina just loves the flash by now and expect it as soon as she sees me with camera in hand.

As for toddlers, they move about so much that a flash is rarely used and I have to have the correct camera settings to take the perfect shot.

Please do note that time is not of the essence as it’s not relevant to the babies and toddlers, they just want to have a good time which I will give them with the help of the parents and my Teddy Bear.

I must mention that if the children are not copping or otherwise sick on the booked day I will change the shoot day at no extra cost, after all kids will be kids.

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