Professional Photographers – The Modern Storytellers

Being a professional photographer is about far more than just taking appealing pictures. The role of a photographer is to act as a modern-day storyteller, capturing an image that cuts through the shallow distractions of day-to-day life.

To achieve this, the photographer has to pick out moments that represent something deeper; emotions or connections that exist for an instant only, and are all too easily forgotten. That might be the first eye contact between a couple on their wedding day; the smile that passes quickly across a child’s face, or the exuberance of a successful athlete at a sporting event.

Whatever the occasion, as a professional photographer there’s always a need to act quickly – often on instinct alone, before the moment is lost. But there’s also a deep satisfaction in the knowledge that, once captured, a fleeting instant will live on forever.


Wedding Photography – Capturing a Day to Remember

While the term ‘once in a lifetime’ is used all too often, there are certain life events that truly deserve that label; weddings must surely top the list. Being called on to photograph a local wedding is one of the greatest privileges that a professional photographer can experience.

Every wedding is completely unique, and often, the tone of the event is set by the personality of the couple being wed. The wedding photographer’s role is to create a visual record of the location, people and raw emotions that come together to make a wedding what it is.

Approaches vary, but our belief is that the wedding photographer must be unobtrusive. The unconscious expressions of love and commitment are the sincerest, and our documentary style of photography allows us to capture these, discreetly and without influencing the scene before us.


Evocative Portraits – Time to Think

Portrait photography presents a very different challenge. On the surface, the additional time to think, and the absence of distractions, ought to make this format simple. In reality, portrait photography is a challenge, since the natural self-consciousness of the sitter must be overcome.

This is best achieved by building a comfortable rapport between the sitter and the photographer; having a mutual understanding of the end goal also helps. Once again, our intention is to avoid an overly deliberate, staged image, and instead to present something naturally expressive of the individual’s nature.

Some sitters have a predetermined sense of how they wish to project themselves, and naturally, certain formats – such as corporate portrait photography – impose constraints of their own. Our flexible stance allows us to model our service to suit the client’s individual needs and preferences.


Event Photography – Documenting Passion

It might seem that event photography is less connected to expressions of deeply felt emotion, or innate human nature. In fact, many events offer a crystal-clear window into the character of the participants.

Sporting events are a strong example, especially since they bring to the surface deep-seated instincts to compete. Anyone who has competed in, or even just watched, a serious sporting event will understand the way that these occasions bring out inner passions, often leading to unexpected displays of emotion.

Camera in hand, the professional photographer must be ready to silently record these moments, for they offer the perfect expression of the aims, dreams and desires that drive us to succeed and achieve.